Beckenham Place Park Discovery Ride

15/12/2018 @ 10:00 – 11:00
Beckenham Place Park Mansion
John / Saif

Exploring by bicycle, you could cycle along one of the new paths which links up the parkland and the woodland. Following the wide paths within the wood (being careful not to stray off the path onto valuable vegetation such as bluebell bulbs) you will really feel like you have escaped London, despite still being in Zone 4. The park is a 5 minute walk from Beckenham Hill station, Ravensbourne station, and 15 minute walk from Beckenham Junction station.

Beckenham Place Park in the very south of the London Borough of Lewisham is undergoing a large-scale restoration project, predominantly funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery. The project’s aim is to return the park land to how it appeared in the 18th century, including restoring a 200m by 50m lake. The Homesteads which were burnt down in 2011 are listed buildings and are being restored as they would have been originally. They will form a new café and education centre, and a new welcome area for visitors to the park. All of the works, including filling in some relics of the old golf course that used to be in the park, and creating new paths, are currently underway. It is therefore an exciting time to visit Beckenham Place Park to see the changes as they happen.

Distance is 7-8 miles

Suitable for families and children.

Participants must register by following the link above.

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