January 2016 Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting
Derwent Drive
4th January, 2016


Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Linda Rampling, John Wood, Derek Mark, Terry Kinnard, Alice Reavell, David Stringer, Tracey Parker, Michael McIlhiney, Richard Gibbons

1. Apologies –Tim Wild

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Proposed Eve Evans, Seconded Spencer Harradine – Approved

3. Matters Arising – Car parking at college – see Coordinators Report.

4. Financial Report – Treasurer – LR reported current balance of £880.45 with no outstanding income or expenditure.

5. Co-ordinators Report – Appx. I

6. Communications Report – Appx. II

7. Ride Report– Appx. III

  • How we are going to help new cyclists in 2016
    SH updated us on the potential new Adult Beginner Group which will hopefully be held at the Hayes Go Ride Venue if they are able to extend the time. DS suggested a Mend and Ride as currently undertaken by Lewisham Cyclists as a way to attract new cyclists to the group. Contact Jane Davis via maybe Bob Gaylard or Alex Raha with a view at this stage to getting permission from Jane to add the dates of the Lewisham Workshops held at Grove Park added to our calendar.
  • DS also suggested a New Riders Ride.
  • Future rides and events
    JW and EE are meeting tomorrow to discuss the 2016 rides and update the website. JW passed around a list of the rides we did last year and some which had already been listed for this year
  • Road to Rio – SH reported that this will potentially be a trial event for British Cycling. Great excitement is growing around our support for Pro Active Bromleys ‘Road to Rio’ event which will include the ‘Ride to Rio’ challenge on 14th May 2016.
    Working with British Cycling, London Borough of Bromley ‘Cycle Team’ and ‘Sport Bromley’ we have the opportunity to enthuse Bromley residents to get active with the main focus of the day being Cycling.

8. Goals for 2016

  • Membership
    Following on from JW and EE meeting with MD of the LCC we have now received the lapses and new members since September. SH has agreed to contact the lapsed members and EE will email the new members to suggest a meetup and short ride to get to know us. Existing members are encouraged to join if they are able. JW read out what had been agreed at the meeting (Appx. IV). EE will receive lapsed and new members each month upon request. We will then contact as above in the hope that this will increase our membership and reduce lapses as per our target for 2016.
  • Date and venue for the new members meeting
    Sat 23 January the Old Village Café, 56 Hayes St, Bromley BR2 7LD @ 1030. Action EE to email new members (as notified by Matthew in email of4/1/2016) from SH emails account with details. SH to manage responses and make follow-up phone contact JW to supply wording of email.
  • Suggestions for what tasks we might ask new volunteers to undertake
    1) Could members keep an eye on what is happening to infrastructure in their Ward.
    2) Ask new members to provide details of any known ratruns in their ward and create a register of such ratruns.
    3) Ask new members how they think they might help.
  • Ideas to increase membership –
    Increase visibility see agreement with Matthew at LCC re Logo on the website
    Suggestion to have t-shirts, mud guards with BromCyc livery. Suggestion that we use QR codes to publicise ourselves. Action DM
  • Progress of Ward Asks –
    JHW has had a lengthy exchange emails with Caroline Dubarbier on this subject and interests of brevity this item was deferred to the next meeting

9. Pollution
RG had previously sent out a report of how much pollution was recorded on the Christmas Lights Ride which proved interesting. CleanSpace are working with Kings College to monitor pollution. By signing up to take part the software will provide any participating individual with a pollution readout of his her ride with regard to Nitrous Oxide. Although this is not the most dangerous of pollutants CleanSpace are also marketing a Smart sensor which links to amobile phone app to record local air pollution levels and pools the data with that from others to create a high-resolution, dynamic map of pollution hotspots and areas where air is cleaner. RG has one. SH suggested we buy one for Bromley Cyclists and use it in the Borough to test pollution levels. Unanimously voted to buy one. LR to make enquiries and purchase. Action SH, EE LR will purchase the CleanSpace monitor for use on rides.

10. Traffic, transport & Infrastructure

  • Gosshill Road
    Much discussion followed regarding the proposed cycle path originally intended for Gosshill Road which is currently being developed as a car park. JHW has prepared some questions which he will send to the council.

11. Pub of the month/Pub of the year
The Sydney Arms wins Pub of the Month. The Oak has been voted Pub of the Year. EE has prepared a plaque to be affixed to the trophy.
There was no decision as to when the trophy might be presented. Suggestions included on a future visit to the pub or by inviting the licencee to the AGM or one of our meetings. Action RG to prepare and arrange a press release.

12. A.O.B.

  • Nominations for 2016 Committee
    Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer to self nominate at the meeting or submit written confirmation they are prepared to act in the roles if they are to be absent for any reason. Our constitutions allow for the election of a chair person and TP has agreed to consider being elected to that role.
  • Nominations for the Management Committee –
    Other officers:
    TT&I Rep
    Rides Coordinator
    Communications Rep

This will bring the ManCom up to 7 members. Our constitution allows us to have 10

  •  Future meetings – dates and venues –
    The February meeting will be held on the second Thursday in February. The May, August and November; meeting venues and times are yet to be arranged.
  • Website hacking email from Google
    SH had received notification from Google that our site is sending out phishing emails. This has been referred to Quarm Solutions

Appx. I

Coordinators report December 2015

Following the November meeting I was asked to make enquiries re setup of a BUG and have put Caroline in touch with the relevant parties. With a view to making the college a more cycle friendly environment I have suggested to our local BC Go Ride coach that the College may be a place to develop some coaching leading up to the Borough Inter Schools.

I have delegated the job of finding appropriate speakers for our meetings to Rory McMullen who organises cycling conferences and events. Either to speak himself or alternatively find another appropriate person.

I have attended a Grant funding workshop put on by British Cycling which could come in useful regarding any future projects.
I also attended a Sport Bromley meeting relating to Road To Rio. Eve & I attended a Road to Rio meeting at the Library.
I have also met with Pherenice Worsey Buck from the Landscape Group who is also the events manager for Norman Park.

Following discussion regarding an Adult Cycling Course, I have enquired and Bigfoot Go Ride and The Bikeability Team are willing to support. The only sticking block at the moment is extending the use of Hayes Primary until 1.30.

Thinking back on 2015 as an entity we have developed and grown in so many different ways. We continue to strive to do our best for the cycling community and for Bromley. Thank you all for your help and support throughout 2015. Happy New Year.

Spencer Harradine

Appx. II



2015      Jan    Feb Mar    Apr    May   Jun    Jul      Aug   Sep    Oct     Nov   Dec
Twitter                                969    980    1004  1017  1029    1040  1053   1064   1080
Facebook Page                 13      15        20      22      29        30      36        41      51
Facebook Group             285    289      293     299    300      310   317      314     310
Meetup Group                 135    152      179     196    218      235   247       259    267
Skyride Group (new)                                                                           2            3        3
Skyride Group (old)                      37        37       37      37        37     37         37      37
Yahoo Group                              144      144     144    144      144   144       144    145
Jan    Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Twitter                    1081
Facebook Page       55
Facebook Group   311
Meetup Group       282
Skyride Group (new) 4
Skyride Group (old) 37
Yahoo Group         145

Appx. III

December Rides
Date Day Ride Mileage Riders Leader
2 Dec Wed Sidney Arms 10 10 John/Eve
6 Dec Sun Excel Explorer 35 6 Eve
9 Dec Wed The Railway, Bromley 10 12 Linda
13 Dec Sun Christmassy Ride to Rochester 35 15 John
16 Dec Wed Christmas Dinner 0 32
20 Dec Sun London Xmas Lights 35 15 John
23 Dec Wed The Oak, Bromley 12 5 John
30 Dec Wed Anglesey Arms, Bromley 10 6 Eve/John

Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug
Rides 3 4 5 4 5
Individual Rides (excl WWW) 36 59 64 87 146
Wednesday Wanderers 33 42 35 27 34
Wednesday Wanders 4 4 4 4 4
Website Registrations 15 30 N/K 9 11
Non Bromley Cyclists’ rides 0 1 0 0 1
Non Bromley Cyclists’ Individual Rides 0 14 0 69 106
Ride Reports on the website 3 3 N/K 5 9

Day Rides Riders Average
Mon 0
Tue 0
Wed 4 33 8.3
Thu 0 0
Fri 0 0
Sat 0 0 0
Sun 3 36 12
Leader board:
Leaders Rides
Eve 2
Linda 1
John 4
Bob G
Andrew / Trevor
A quieter month for rides perhaps reflecting the time of year.
The Christmassy Ride to Rochester was eventful. One rider had a fairly serious crash and was fortunate not sustain more serious injuries than she did, the crash was the result of a skid on a muddy downhill bend. Rochester Station has been relocated for information of future ride leaders.
Christmas Lights was well attended, if anything there were too many riders for such a ride in Central London mixing it with Xmas Traffic etc. so it may be necessary to limit attendance on this ride in the future.
Although not a ride the Xmas Dinner at the Papadam in Tylney Road was popular and successful – attendance of about 35.
Viking Trail – November
In my report last month I forgot to mention that this ride was led by one of our newer members – Tracey. Whilst I did say what a nice ride it was, I forgot to thank Tracey for making it such a nice ride. Tracey has signed up for an LCC ride leaders course in the near future and I very much look forward to welcoming Tracey as a trained Bromley Cyclists Ride Leader soon.
Future Rides
I have still to meet up with Eve to set out the programme for next year. If any of you wish to lead a ride please let me know where and when. I would like to recruit a leader for the Heron trail next summer.
I am aware that the coordinator is keen for some novice type rides after Xmas, to address the ‘new bike for Christmas’ factor. I understand that thought is being given to running these at one of the schools between Go-Ride Sessions on Saturdays. I am not sure where we are with those plans.
New Year’s Day Parade
By the time you read this will be a past event.
I do not yet have the programme for the B2B training ride series but I guess they will probably follow last year’s dates (Five rides – 7 & 21/2/2016, 6 & 27/3/2016 and 17/4/2016 although 27/3/2016 is Easter Sunday so this might be adjusted. I presume the actual ride will be on 1/5/2016). Adam relies quite heavily on Bromley Cyclists to support these rides with ride leaders and marshals.
Leap Year
29 February is on a Monday. If anyone wants to organise something then please let me know. I shall almost certainly be very busy and unavailable. I have to be honest and say I would think we will struggle to have fun even on a bike on a Monday in February.
Friday 13 is in May we will do a curry in Brick Lane.
London Nocturne
I shall probably lead a ride to the London Nocturne on 4 June 2016.
Dunwich Dynamo
This will be on 16 July. I strongly suggest that anyone considering taking part books a coach ticket. They will go on sale on the Southwark Cyclists website, probably at a reduced rate, fairly soon. This will mean whatever happens you have a means of getting home and you should have no trouble selling the ticket if you decide not to use it.
Tour de Penge
Spencer has been in contact with Louise. The Penge Festival is Saturday 4 June to Saturday 25 June inclusive. Last year Susan Burns did much of the organising and this seemed to go well. The ride rehearsal comprised almost entirely of Bromley Cyclists. The event on the day seemed to go well. Please note that the Nocturne is on 4 June and I am suggesting the night ride to the seaside for Saturday 18 June so hopefully this event can be on one of the other dates.
Ride to Rio
Hopefully the Coordinator can give an update on this.
Night Ride to the Seaside
I will do this on a Saturday Night in June or July (18 June looks good) and will be nearly a full moon. Sunrise is at 04:39 so we would need to depart Orpington at about 19:00-19:30 on the Saturday Night.
Rainham Marshes RSPB Ride
I have done a couple of route checks for this ride. I can lead the ride to the Reserve fairly safely and confidently. The return route seems to be mostly alongside the A1306/A13 which just doesn’t seem right but I am unfamiliar with the area. I have emailed Newham to see if they have any helpful suggestions.

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