A21 Kentish Way Toucan-related cycle track creation

Transport for London proposes to create shared-use cycle tracks on either side of the A21 Kentish Way to connect with the existing Toucan crossing located to the north of Queens Gardens.

Construction of a wider path on the western side of Kentish Way will subsequently be made shared-use for pedestrians and cyclists. On the eastern side of Kentish Way the area of the highway which is managed by Transport for London in the vicinity of the crossing is also proposed to be made shared use. I attach a plan indicating the extent of the change to shared-use. The proposed scheme and conversion of the footways to shared use will make the Toucan crossing accessible by bicycle and better connect Bromley Town Centre to the cycle routes to the east of Kentish Way.

There will also be improvements for pedestrians and bus users on the western side of Kentish Way with the creation of a new footway to the bus stop from the Glades shopping centre and improvement of the local street environment.

A21 Kentish Way shared use path

We hope the plan is to connect the proposed shared facility which crosses Kentish Way at the toucan crossing with Harwood Avenue then left onto Murray Avenue and then across Widmore Road, into Freelands Road and so connect with the LCN 75 route to Greenwich.

The improvement that needs to be made is to the path at the end of Murray Avenue leading to Widmore Road. This would mean cyclists could avoid the Widmore Road / Kentish Way junction altogether if travelling from Bromley – Greenwich and it will also link the LCN 22 route along Rochester Avenue.

Let’s hope with the advent of the Olympic games in 2012 a structured link from Bromley town centre to Greenwich and onward to Stratford would assist any local residents to access the games in a sustainable way.


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