Aardcraft – Bromley Cyclist Tessa Marie New Venture.

Bromley Cyclist Tessa Marie has started a new venture Aardcraft

Aardcraft provides and makes a range of jewellery and accessories designed and handmade in South London from old bicycle parts.

As well as an online shop they also attend various markets in London.  You can find out where and when they will be, as well as receive other news on new designs and colours via their twitter @purpleaardvark or the Aardvark facebook page

How is it made?
Each piece of Aardcraft originated from dirty discarded bicycle parts.  These have been reclaimed from workshops; dismantled, and carefully cleaned with a citrus based biodegradable cleanser.  Then up-cycled into something new, unique, and wearable.
Custom made
If you have a query about a particular design or colour combination I would be delighted to make something to your specification. I’m also able to incorporate parts of your own, for instance if you would like a custom-made piece from the bike chain used to win a competition or complete a charity challenge.  Please send me an email or visit www.aardcraft.co.uk


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