Attempted Theft of Bicycle

Cyclists Beware!

There has been a rather disturbing report of cyclists being attacked on College Road/Fountain Drive on the road up towards Crystal Palace Parade.

A rider was climbing nearer to the top where it turns into Fountain Drive when he saw about 8 young kids all with hoods surrounding a cyclist….he had got off his bike and was holding it up and protecting himself with it… As the rider continued towards the event he too was accosted and was forced to defend himself as the attackers attempted to take his bike. The cyclists managed to disengage themselves and make good their escape. The original victim reported that one of the attackers had threatened him with a knife!!

They were joined at the top of the road by other cyclists who reported similar experiences. The police were called and arrived very soon and took charge of the situation and our cyclists departed the scene, somewhat shaken but otherwise unscathed and still in possession of their bikes and other possessions.

The only description available is the attackers were young and black.

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