Bigfoot 2 Brighton 2018 – Training Ride 1

Today in icy conditions we ventured out on the first of Adam Shepherds Bigfoot to Brighton Training Rides.

This wonderful ride series, organised each year through Bigfoot Cycling Club by Adam, are a great way for people who perhaps don’t usually cycle to take on a real challenge and achieve a life goal. The rides get progressively harder, until the riders have built up the stamina to do the actual Hayes to Brighton Ride in early May. It is also a good way for people to discover and connect with the strong, friendly and welcoming cycling community in the area.

There was a stiff breeze today which seemed to be coming straight from the North Pole, that and the temperature aside, it was generally agreed to be a great day for cycling. A view much reaffirmed by the numbers of other riders we met on the road. A good day for the horses too, we met plenty of equestrians making the best of the weather as well.

Due to icy conditions the route today which should have taken us down Fox Hill was rerouted via Gates Green Road instead. The North Downs bathed in winter sunshine were a picture to behold. Even the ride through the Forestdale Housing Estate was quite pleasant today.

I led a great group of riders. Some regulars from last year but I was pleased to welcome 3 newcomers: Sanjay, Paul and Gay, who, in spite of murmured pre ride excuses turned out to be excellent cyclists who immediately slotted in with the older hands and proved to be made of the right stuff.


Riding time: 1:35:?? ish,
Distance: 14.8,
Average Speed: 9.6,
Maximum Speed: 23.1.
Total time: 1:55

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