Bob’s Mystery Ride

This will be the shortest of ride reports. I will let pictures tell most of the story.

For much of the day I was only vaguely aware of where I was. But this was a fabulous ride around the lanes of North West Kent. Mostly it was under the cover of gentle mist. Not enough to be a threat to us as a road users, but just a subtle cloak of the sort that must have inspired John Keats when he wrote his iconic poem.

There were fourteen riders today and it was great for me reconnect with some old acquaintances.

Bob led his ride with great skill along a a varied and interesting route amongst the rich autumn colours vibrant in the pre-frost conditions, sometimes it was almost as if  Bob knew where he was going.

It was a ride of around 45 miles and fairly strong pace, we had lunch at the Papermakers Arms and returned to Shortlands for apres ride drinks in the Shortland Tavern.

Thanks to Bob for great ride and thanks to the riders for being great company.

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