Bromley Go Ride Racing League 2011/12 – Round 2

After an impressive start, Round 2 of the 2011-12 season saw an even bigger turnout, with 51 riders signing on at Alexandra School in Penge, for a cyclocross and time trial event hosted by Penge CC. With some of last year’s champions having just made the move up to the next age group, some competitive racing was on the cards.

Individual Time Trial

In the Under 8s category Bigfoot took all three podium places, with Sannah Zaman continuing her winning streak, closely followed by Lily Meers, who finished one second ahead of her sister Rosie.

With 21 riders again, the Under 10s category is looking to be this season’s toughest group. Despite having just moved up from the Under 8s, Penge’s George Harding again took first place, with Luke Cornelius six seconds behind. Kristian Malcomb of Penge took third place.

A close battle is already developing in the Under 12s category, with Imogen Meers finishing first in the time trial, less than a second ahead of Gabriel Roberts. Third place went to another close rival Irfan Zaman.

With two riders in the Under 14s race, it was just a question of who would take the honours. Tom Smith, riding for the first time this season won the first event ahead of Fraser Spooncer, with the fastest time of the day across all the age groups.

Cyclocross Race 

The exposed circuit contained a couple of tricky corners a short steep climb, both of which tested the younger riders to the fully. In a one lap race, the sixteen Under 8s spread out from the start, with Henry Harding of Penge taking an early lead which he kept all the way to the finish for his first race victory. Sannah Zaman rode well to finish in second place, which puts her at the top of the league table, while Bigfoot’s Kathryn Pearce finished in third place.

With 21 riders the Under 10s category required two heats and then a two-lap final. George Harding is already looking like the rider to beat, taking an impressive first place, to add to his tally. Second place went to Luke Cornelius, who now sits 11 points behind George in the league table. Third place went to Penge’s Joseph Wilson, who moves up into third place in the league, alongside Bigfoot’s Milly Shemmings.

The Under 12s category is also looking interesting already, with a reverse of the time trial result – Gabriel Roberts finishing ahead of Imogen Meers. Bigfoot’s Irfan Zaman again finished third. After two rounds Imogen and Gabriel jointly lead the league with 91 points each.

The Under 14s race saw Tom Smith beat Fraser Spooncer, although Fraser still heads up the league table after two rounds.

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