Bromley Road Safety Panel

published: Friday 18/3/2016

On Tuesday I attended the Bromley Borough Road Safety Panel to represent Bromley Cyclists’.

I attended once before as a guest but we have now been invited to be considered permanent members of the group which seems entirely appropriate as we are one of the (if not the only) dedicated road transport pressure group(s) in the borough.

The panel comprises representatives from the Residents Associations and Council Officers from the Borough Road Safety Team (and now us).

You can view the agenda here and the minutes will be published here in due course.

I will limit my comments here to confirm that, as we suspect, cyclists and cycling in our borough are/is not as well thought of as it ought to be. Some of this is simply misconception and misinformation but some is almost certainly due to the inconsiderate behaviour of a minority of cyclists which then brings the rest of us into disrepute. To what extent this behaviour amounts to a road safety issue is perhaps a matter for a different discussion.

The meeting was chaired very professionally by Mr John Harvey (Palace Estates Ward) and I was able to promote cycling during the latter part of the meeting, although there was some concern expressed by one of the council officers that our Adult Cycling Course was in conflict with the course offered by the council.

Mr Harvey confirmed that he has established a good line of communication with the Policyholder – Cllr Colin Smith.

I have invited all members of the panel to contact Bromley Cyclists – me specifically, with any cycling related issues brought to their notice.

As we now have a voice on this panel I invite all of you to bring your road safety concerns to me in order that I can present them to the panel on your behalf.


Finally one delegate quietly informed me, in a rather embarrassed way, that he had an electric bicycle. I will be contacting this delegate and insisting he comes and joins one of our weekly wanders, and I reassure him publicly here that there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of having an electric bike.

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