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Details from the recent Newsletter:

Bromley Police BannerEach London borough has its own Safer Transport Team (STT) dedicated to keeping you safe on the transport network.

They work as part of the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) Safer Transport Command, (STC) which is funded by Transport for London (TfL).

Contact Your STT Phone:  0208 212289 Email:

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Follow @MPSBOROUGH for local policing updates, including news and information from your STT. 

Come and Meet Us! – BIKE MARKING EVENTS – are shown on our website.

Priority One – Cycle theft

RecordKeep a record of the frame number, make and any other marks that can identify your bike if it is stolen. Register Visit to register details of your bike. Report If your bike is stolen you must report it to the police, providing as many details as you can such as frame number, make and distinguishable marks, which will enable them to check databases and contact the owner once the bike is recovered.

Please contact us:

We encourage any clubs, business premises, leisure centre’s or public amenity locations that have cycle racks or encourage their employees, club members, facility users to use cycles, to get in touch with us so we can arrange a visit to your locations and offer you our FREE bike marking services.

Warrants: Bromley STT with have executed further search warrants. Targeted at bikes being sold on Ebay that were stolen in Bromley.

Please check selling sites if your bike is stolen.

We are charging 3 suspects who have been active in handling stolen bikes in the South East of London.

Burglary Cadence cycles was broken into on the 25/10/13 and the following bikes were stolen:

Matt black Scapin Hysak – £7000

White Legend 4.7 with red lettering – £6500

Please look out for these distinctive bikes and contact us with any information.

Hi Visibility and Covert patrols:

Officers are stopping cyclists across the borough and checking bikes against databases which have led to arrests and recovery of bikes. We have worked with the British transport police on their operations.

Bike register:

Bromley STT are working with Bike register and have supplied a number of bike stores with crime prevention leaflets with bike register details to supply to people at the point of sale.

BIKE REGISTER – IT DOES WORK!!! – We have identified that criminals who deal in the sale of stolen bikes are aware of bike register and will not deal with bikes that are marked and will check the bike register system.


Lock you bike up don’t give them a chance!!!

Lock your bike to a bike rack or solid object.

Use a substantial lock. D locks are better and lock both wheels if possible.

Lock up bikes in sheds as well.

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