Danger to Cyclists from HGVs in Biggin Hill


The Cherry Lodge Golf Club in Biggin Hill has applied for and been granted permission for a major redevelopment of the course. The permission includes a substantial importation of substrate which will be/ is being delivered by road haul. An access road has been opened up into the site from Main Road for the duration of the work and lorries will approach from both North and South. It is reported that there will be up to 350 HGV movements per week on the borough’s roads.

The Club Secretary has been contacted and has confirmed the work but has been rather vague about whether its work in planning or work in progress. Whichever, the movements of these vehicles present a significant danger to the cycling community and special caution is advised when using Main Road, Biggin Hill on weekdays between 9am and 4.30pm.

Update 29/9/2013

It has now been confirmed that this is in progress. Please take great care out there; but please remember you are more likely to die of a sedentary lifestyle than under the wheels of lorry.

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