Lee Valley Ride

Setting off early Saturday morning to make the most of the daylight, we made our way to Greenwich, (some cycled there, some caught the train) where we enjoyed a hearty breakfast before the start of our ride through the Lee Valley. 

Tea stop by the River Lea

Through the Limehouse Basin, along the canal and on to Stratford, where preparation for the Olympics is nearly complete.  On through Hackney Marshes we cycled, following the towpath alongside the River Lea.  It was very mild for November and layers were soon being peeled off. 

Our next stop was a cafe next to the Lea Valley Rowing Club, where we enjoyed a cup of tea while we watched some rowing on the river and the cleaning of boats as they were taken out of the water.

Then we were off again, up through Walthamstow Marshes, Ponders End Lock and Picketts Lock, where we stopped to watch and help open the lock gates for one of the many narrow boats that frequent the river. 

A helping hand at Picketts Lock

The lockkeepers name was Alf and there was a box outside his cottage where you could leave chocolate bars,

Alf's Bounty Box

unfortunately we couldn’t as we had eaten ours.

Picketts Lock

Only one puncture today and that was our ride leader Nev. 

Only puncture of the day

On now towards Cheshunt for our final tea stop in a rather grubby cafe by the river, but as it was the only place to stop we had little choice, but the cake was good.

The light was beginning to fade as we made our way back towards London and the towpath seemed to be a little busier than on our outward journey, as we stopped to let people pass under some of the bridges where the path narrowed.

Shadwell Basin

It was dark as we made our way back through Limehouse Basin and Shadwell Basin towards London Bridge, where we caught the train home, enjoying a few beers and a chat at the end of what had been a fantastic day.  Thanks to Nev for organising the ride, looking forward to the next one.

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