Saturday’s Leith Hill Adventure

Last Saturday dawned a little foggy, however the forecast was set to improve. The car was loaded, bikes secured and off we went over to the beautiful hills around Dorking.

Our meeting point was the picturesque village of Peaslake, however over a hearty breakfast in Dorking it was decided that we would head over to Leith Hill (unknown virgin territory for a few of us!) Having checked our meeting point at 10.30 we carried onward and upwards to Leith Hill and the Tower which was built to be the highest point in the South East.

Our morning was spent checking the changes since Nev had last been, the riding here is different to what you find over at Peaslake, but still just as technical.

Our first port of call was “Deliverance” which looked like a near vertical drop….. no problems was Nevs response to this. Paula who had experienced what the slope had to offer on a tandem offered to take the pictures!

The weather was beautiful, which meant that there were loads of other riders taking advantage of the unusually mild November weather so after some friendly banter we decided to head over to Summer Lightening. The trail had been developed further and there were some great berms and drop offs, so we spent some time here reviewing our technique and having a master class with Nev until we all felt confident that we could master the drop off with confidence.

Time for tea and cake, back up to the Tower. The Teas were sweet and the cake even better!

The rest of the afternoon was spent working our way to the gravel pit, where we played on the numerous dips, drop-off’s and jumps, all the while practising the techniques we had learnt earlier.

All in all a wonderful way to spend a November Saturday, the journey home was very quiet (Everyone was shattered!) Here’s looking forward to the next mountain biking adventure!

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