Links Way / South Eden Park Road Roundabout discussion

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Hi Spencer,

I was emailing to see if I could get some expert cyclist perspective on the roundabout at South Eden Park Road / Links Way.

As one of my schemes for this year we are looking at the markings on the roundabout as a result of a cluster of collisions in the last 3 years.

The roundabout currently has a cycle lane marking all the way around the outside, which I am not personally a fan of, but I was interested to hear the views from other cyclists in the borough.

If any Bromley Cyclists use the roundabout regularly or know of it, if they could email their views on how they position themselves when making various turns or how they find it from a safety point of view that would be much appreciated. I would also be able to meet on site to have a look at the roundabout, so any dates that people could come down would be great. Unfortunately this would have to be Mon-Fri as I am not available at the weekends.

Many thanks

Jack Murphy
Engineering Assistant
Environmental Services Department
London Borough of Bromley
Room B71, St Blaise Building
Civic Centre
Stockwell Close
Tel: 020 8461 7704
Fax: 020 8313 4796

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