Litter Pick in Norman Park

DSCN4403The fledgling ‘Friends of Norman Park’ (FoNP) is holding a litter pick in the park. As it is hoped that Norman Park will become a major borough cycling resource Bromley Cyclists are keen support the aims of the Friends. Indeed John Wood has offered to become a member.

The Litter Pick is a great opportunity for Bromley Cyclists to demonstrate their support for this important initiative and to fly our newly purchased flags to get a bit of publicity for ourselves too.

The event is being coordinated by Pherenice Worsey-Buck from the The Landscape Group, the company responsible for the management of Bromley’s Parks.

Time / Activity

Set up gazebo with display (next to pavilion 3), litter pickers, gloves, loppers*, black bags, refreshments

Parkrun but Pherenice will stay in gazebo consulting with park users and trying to recruit more volunteers

Litter pick in key areas: –

1) by the small woodland copse at Hook farm carpark

2) along the stream and picnic tables in the middle of the park

Leave litter bags near entrances and paths to be collected by Pherenice at end of session.

Refreshments – in gazebo

Anyone able to assist would be most welcome.

Download Flyer


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