Local Elections May 2018 – update

Parties’ response to our pre-electoral ‘asks’

We posted this statement on 6 March, requesting candidates to commit to the following principles and measures:

  • Support for the main elements of the Mayor’s transport strategy
  • A major increase in expenditure on cycling, from 2019/20, and rising thereafter
  • Prioritise winning Liveable Neighbourhoods bids
  • Safe cycle routes to railway stations (including protected tracks and quiet ways)
  • Safe cycle routes to schools (including protected tracks and quiet ways)
  • Secure cycle parking facilities at schools and railway stations
  • Speed limits of 20 mph close to schools and in high streets
  • Speed limits of 30 mph on residential and rural roads (excluding some main thoroughfares)

So far we have received the following responses:

 Party Response
Conservative Support from candidates in Bromley Town ward
Greens Full support Borough wide
Labour Full support Borough wide
Liberal democrats Full support Borough wide
Womens’ equality Party Full support Borough wide

Further Update

Since posting the above, we have written to individual candidates where we had not been made aware of their position, asking them to support our ‘statement’.  So far we have received responses from Robert McIlveen, (Conservative candidate for Bromley Common and Keston), Michael Tickner (Conservative candidate for Copers Cope Ward, Beckenham) and Mandy Baldwin (FBM candidate Farnborough & Crofton).

Mr McIlveen says he is very supportive of active travel, given huge benefits for health and the environment, but has some reservations about the Mayor’s transport strategy though not re cycling or walking issues.

Mr Tickner says he is a keen cyclist, and wants to see cycle routes and parking improved across the Borough together with helpful signposting.  He also has a reservation about the Mayor’s transport strategy which he says is “stopping road surfacing in favour of further bus fare subsidies.

Ms Baldwin says she does not own a car choosing to walk or cycle as an alternative she completely supports our stance. She says that more needs to be done to promote active travel and quotes two West Country cycle ways as examples of things that can be done to encourage cycling.

Emmett Jenner, the UKIP candidate for Biggin Hill, says he is an active cyclist and has sent a lengthy response.  He is in generally favourable to more spending on cycling, strongly supports better cycle parking at stations and thinks the Council should consider charging points for e-bikes.  However he is generally opposed to our other ‘asks’.

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