Morning Coffee and Cake at Shoreham

9.00am – A bit of a chilly morning as 11 of us left Orpington Station this morning lead by Tracey and Eve.   We cut down Tubbenden Lane to get onto the cycle path alongside the A21 and made our way up to Halstead.  Lots of cyclists out this morning, but our group was taking it easy, with only a slight hold up while one of our riders removed a very mangled plastic bag from the back wheel.  Once at Halstead we turned along Otford Lane and heading for the top of Old Polhill we took in the views and enjoyed the countryside as we rode along at an easy pace.

Once at the top of Old Polhill we carefully picked our way through fallen branches and the like before entering the tunnel under the M25 and out the otherside into Filston Lane.   We made good time and arrived at the Shoreham Aircraft Museum at 10.15 where we settled down to tea and cakes in ‘The Old Bakery’.  Some had not visited here before and were amazed by the renants adorning the place from WWII, it really was like taking a step back in time and this morning we even had ‘We’ll meet again’ playing while we drank out tea.   I must add it wasn’t such a step back in time for all of us.

Next we turned into Lullingstone Visitor Centre to make our way through the field running alongside the river, thus avoiding the busy main roads.   On to Lullingstone Castle where we stopped to take pictures.   They were in the process of setting up for a medieval weekend and there was a large board outside with pictures on.

Imagine our surprise when we saw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jhw 1

Now just yesterday JHW told us that he was off to foreign parts for a holiday – and we believed him.   I think not from the picture above.  Maybe the family have gone on holiday but have a look at the photo  and see what you think.  I rest my case.

Off now towards the viaduct and then turning up to Crockenhill we climb the long slow hill up to the bridge over the motorway.   A few miles of mainly downhill back to St. Mary Cray and Orpington.  Nice ride and back home in time for lunch.

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