MTB Explorer Ride

Last Saturday saw a group of Bromley Cyclists up early meeting at BCR Bikes for what turned out to be an exciting mountain bike expedition exploring Joydens Wood, Norman Park and Keston Woods.

The weather was better than planned no sign of rain as forecast so after a cup of tea and a quick check of the bikes we set off led by Nev towards our first area of exploration – Joydens Wood.

Our route there took us mainly off road through the Cray Meadows and across 5 Arches Bridge where we crossed North Cray Road and headed up the lane to the woods, arriving there about 9am the woods were quiet and not many people around. As this was an explorer ride our aim to  seek out trails and work out a route that we can use on future rides, we picked what looked like a good trail and off we went.

We spent the morning at Joydens Wood and managed to find some great trails and even managed to link them together to get route that works out quite well with just the right level of technical ability to be appealing to beginners and experienced riders alike. From here we then worked our way back for our lunch at Petts Wood working our way through Scadbury Woods (where we had to stop for a quick puncture repair) and a blast down hill through Petts Wood Woods.

Well refreshed we set off for our afternoon exploration of Norman Park and Keston Woods, we even bumped into our Coordinator Spencer in Hayes where he had just finished Go-Ride.

At Keston we found a “bomb hole” where we spent our time practising our skills and having fun jumping off the top.

All in all it was a fantastic if somewhat tiring day.

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