New Years Day Parade Ride

This ride was abandoned at Bromley South. In appalling weather conditions only one other rider arrived and after a brief discussion as another band of wind driven heavy rain swept over us we decided that it was a good opportunity to watch the parade on television.

Every disappointment hides a benefit. Before heading home I had a little snoop around the Station to try and work out safe cycle access routes particularly from the east (Chatterton Road etc.) and believe I have done so.

Once again I think the route has been there all along and in fairness there is some rather obscure and confusing signage but the failure of the local authority to provide proper signs, and perhaps even maps outside the station, has resulted in it being more secret than The Hidden Paths of the Labyrinth. (And I know a thing or two about secrets!!)

So where in the past I was of the view that a route needed to be punched through the far end of the station/Waitrose car park I now think this is probably unnecessary as it is perfectly possible to get through to the eastern side of the town by going down Elmfield Road (where the taxis park), turning right into Palace View under the Kentish Way, then right into Murray Avenue and over the rail bridge into Wendover Road. This is actually quite obvious if you are familiar with the area and a quite acceptable cycle route. See here.

Come on LBB there are really easy and cheap cycling wins here if you just applied yourselves.

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