New Year’s Day Ride

Well, we gathered at Bromley South at 10.00 am, eleven of us in all.  I for one was feeling quite pleased that I had only gained 3lb over Christmas.  Well, that was short lived as our ride leader John’s opening words were, “well in order to shed those extra pounds we have gained over Christmas, the first part of this ride will be hilly and by the time we get up to Crystal Palace Parade we should all feel a little healthier”.  At this point those of us who had managed to get through Christmas with only a small weight gain felt slightly less happy than when they arrived, while those who had obviously eaten to excess over Christmas were feeling positively obese.

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Once at Crystal Palace we followed Quietway 7 and Cycle Route 23 which took us through some of the slightly more salubrious parts of Dulwich and we stopped to see where Linda will start her new job on Monday.  I must say it looked very nice.  Through the Dulwich Estate and Dulwich Village, past Dulwich College and Alleynes School and on through Camberwell Road, very nice I must say.   This was a new route for me and I must say I was quite impressed.   Then following Route 23 we moved on into Camberwell and eventually the South Bank.   It was here we stopped for a comfort break before completing the first half of our ride and arriving at Charing Cross Station, I must say it was very pleasant cyclng down The Strand with virtually no traffic.

Once we had secured the bikes at Charing Cross station we were all a bit cold so set off in search of a suitable place for lunch.  A few had gone to see the parade and some had gone in search of the Dr. Bike but most of us ended up in Pret for lunch, very nice but grossly overpriced.

Then we made our way to see the parade, but apart from the large screen it was very difficult to see anything.   At 1.30pm we reassembled at the station, with a few choosing to stay and watch the parde and the rest of us making our way across Waterloo Bridge and on to the Elephant & Castle where we said goodbye to Toni.

Then it was on to the Ivy House for a quick New Years drink, before picking up the Waterlink Way and heading back to Bromley.

A great ride, thanks must go to John who lead and planned the ride.

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