Otford to Folkestone

Fourteen of us arrived for the start of the ride at Otford on a glorious sunny warm morning,what we have all been waiting for since about last October.
We set of along the pilgrims way at quite a good pace that seemed to suite the group as we all kept together and no one was getting left too far behind.
Now as most people who know me I’m not one to wax lyrical about the scenery but with the sun shining down on the fields around us Kent was looking stunning this morning.
We were now making really good time along the quite lanes and I was a bit worried we might be going a bit fast for one or two of the group but every time I looked around and checked they were still in the group and chatting to others, a good sign that they were still happy.
Before long we were well into the ride and approaching Yalding for our first stop at teapot island where we were joined by Phil who lives in the area.
After refreshing ourselves with cake and drinks, we set off again along the country lanes that surprisingly for a lovely day was devoid of other cyclists and horses.
We were still going at a fair pace as we reached the outskirts of High Halden were with some poor communication and rubbish navigation the group got split into three and arrived at the chequers pub separately.
The service, and food is top rate at this pub and people were struggling to finish their meals as the portions are so big. The chequers on the green a place well worth the visit if you are in the area.
We set off again on our last leg of the ride well ahead of the time I had estimated so we slowed the pace down a bit just to to make it easier for any tired legs after forty miles of riding.
We arrived in Hythe a good hour and a half earlier than I had reckoned on due to no incidents or mechanicals on the way and the fitness of the riders in the group.
We rode along the sea wall from Hythe to Folkstone slowly as so to avoid the people strolling along taking in the sun on a fine afternoon.
At Folkstone the group split up with those wishing to go straight to the station and those wanting to end the ride with a few drinks at a pub in the harbour watching the sun go down.
A big thank you to Steve Edwards who back marked the ride for me and to all those that come out on the ride.

Robert Gaylard's photo.
Robert Gaylard's photo.
Robert Gaylard's photo.
Robert Gaylard's photo.
Robert Gaylard's photo.


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