Richmond Park Circular Report

Twenty four of us set off from Ladywell on a warm sunny morning steadily making our way to Peckam Rye park then onto Dulwich Park where young children,dogs and joggers were already out in great numbers making concentration on the paths a must.

We said goodbye to Sydney and Mary as we left Dulwich Park and made our way to Brockwell Park and then through quite back streets to Clapham Common.

Dropping down into battersea park we met up with Fiona who had missed us at Ladywell.

Onto the Thames path now were parts were as full of people as the parks but only to be expected on such a loverly day.

Out through Putney and Barnes before heading into Richmond Park were we split the group into two, one fast group for a belt around the park and a more sedate group who stopped here and there for photo opportunities before we regrouped for lunch.

Lunch over we started to make our way back to Ladywell were the parks were now choca bloc with people but the group coped well with this with no incidents.

As we hot closer to Ladywell people began to say their goodbyes before peeling off leaving about ten of us to head to the Ladywell tavern for a well earned drink.

Thanks to all of you who came out and made it a really easy group to lead and a big thank you to Brian Haines for being my back marker throughout the ride.

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