Rides and Events for 2014

Cycling hero Spencer Harradine the coordinator of Bromley Cyclists and other members of the events coordinating committee recently met to discuss future rides particularly those for next year. An exciting program was developed and details of this will be released early in the new year.

Plans include First Sunday of the Month Rides this year which will avoid clashes with bank holidays and clock changes. Rides along the Waterlink Way, commuter route rides in the warmer weather to show people who work in central London just how easy and safe it is to commute from the borough to their place of work.

There will also be a full program of feature rides, the popular Viking and The Heron Trails, Trooping the Colour, London to Brighton with Adam from Bigfoot Cyclists with a series of preparatory rides too. In November we will do the London to Brighton with the vintage cars and many other exciting events were also discussed.

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