Sevenoaks Scenic Report

Eighteen riders started this rather hilly excursion and most, to their credit, finished. The weather was dry and cool, so ideal winter riding conditions really. As advertised it was rather a hilly ride but the pace was steady and riders walked their bikes up the hills if necessary. Lunch was taken at the Rock at Chiddingstone Hoath.

The high point of the afternoon was a rather exciting ‘bake off’ between Marge and Elena, on the hill overlooking Penshurst Place, this was a source of great amusement ….with the medal going to Marge whilst Elena took it all in good heart!

Post ride relaxation and drinks were at the Shortlands Tavern for a couple of hours during which the ride leader was challenged to a red wine drinking match.

Ride leader Andrew commented, “….she will have to put in lots of preparation beforehand though!” Please check back for further information and tickets to what promises to be a highly entertaining contest.

Pix to follow!

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