Spencer’s 30 Mile Challenge

We met at Norman Park on a bright, but rather blustery morning for today’s ride up to Beaver Water World at Tatsfield.

21 people on today’s ride, so a rather large ride set off up the A21 to Farnborough Park, before cutting through to Starts Hill and Brakespeare Drive to join the A21 cycle path.   From here we cycled along the cycle path all the way to Rushmore HIll, the wind in our faces.  Why does it never seem to be behind us?

From Rushmore HIll, we branched off up Norsted Lane, where the steady uphill soon warmed us up.   Half way up to Knockholt we stopped to re-group and took the opportunity to look at some of the wildlife found in the local pond.

Suitably rested we set off again up Burlings Lane to Knockholt.

Stopping for a breather at Knockholt

 Then it was on to the top of Westerham Hill and across the road towards Tatsfield.   Not many layers were shed today as, although the sun shone, the wind was bitterly cold.

Soon we were at Beaver Water World for our well earned stop, where we managed to find some shelter and sat in the sunshine to enjoy a warm drink and some even managed a rather large slice of the Victoria Sandwich.

Stopping for a well earned rest at Beaver Water World

Everyone was anxious to move on, two reasons really, one it was freezing cold and we wanted to warm up and two, Spencer had promised us that it was all downhill on the way home.   Although it was indeed downhill, this just meant that it was extremely chilly.

We got back to Norman Park before it rained and a thoroughly good day was had by all.   It was lovely to see so many new faces today and I hope we see you all again soon.   Apologies must go to Barbara and Colin as we stopped them going through Norman Park at 10.00am for their short ride and persuaded them to come with us.

A big thank you must go to Spencer who led today’s ride.

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