Tonbridge to Penshurst

A chilly start as we met at Orpington station to catch to train to Tonbridge, but everyone had lots of layers on so no problem.  Once at Tonbridge and off the train we cycled through Tonbridge Park to meet our other friends who had driven down.

We were soon underway, cycling first through Tonbridge playing fields and into Haysden Country Park, where some of our younger members practiced their off road skills.

Fun in Haysden Country Park

Then it was on to Barden lake where we stopped to feed the ducks and geese.

Feeding the birds at Barden Lake

We soon moved on, anxious to keep warm and went onto the road for a short while before turning into the woods and on towards Penshurst.

Then came the long climb up the hill at the back of Penshurst Place but it was worth it just for the views.

Beautiful views over the Weald

By now the sun was trying to break through and there was little or no wind.

Now for the long downhill past Penshurst Place and into Penshurst, our destination.

After stopping for hot chocolate and snacks we made our way back to Tonbridge by the same route.  A lovely leisurely ride of about 14 miles in all – I am certainly looking forward to doing this ride again in the summer.

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