Tour de Penge Planning Meeting

Tuesday 24 Mar 2015

Tour de Penge

Tour de Penge

The second meeting of the Tour de Penge Committee was hosted by Suzie Burns.

  • Suzie reported on the progress of the arrangements.
  • The ride will be the opening event of the Penge Festival on Sunday 7 June 2015
  • Final of approval from Bromley Council is awaited. It is expected that this will be granted soon at which stage the ride can go fully public through various media releases
  • A booking form will be developed and presented through a website. It is hoped that early online booking will streamline the registration process on the actual day.
  • The ride will start at 10 am this year (an hour earlier than previous years).
  • Bromley Council have committed a Doctor Bike (2 mechanics).
  • Penge Festival Organisers to be asked to supply a support vehicle.
  • At the end of the ride there will be a presentation of a certificate to the children at a modest event in Cator park
  • Once event is approved there will be a Facebook Page.
  • There is already a dormant Twitter feed which will be restarted.
  • There will be a route recce during the fortnight leading up to the ride.
  • Bromley Cyclist are asked to provide 15 marshals/guides. Anyone who is able to assist please email John (rides at BromleyCyclists dot org).

More info to follow

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