Waterlink Way on Sunday – No 1

Despite just 24 hours notice of this ride I was joined by 3 riders for today’s little expedition along my favourite SE London cycling path.

Jane and her 2 children Eva (8) and Joseph (6) met me at Cator Park at 10 o’clock. The weather was fine though overcast which made a lovely backdrop to the trees still displaying their autumn colours. The day was still with not even a breath of wind to stir the leaves hanging forlornly and awaiting the first frost to bring them tumbling to earth, it was quite cold none the less.

We set off at a nice steady pace behind CatorParkSchool and soon reached the water treatment plant (sewage works) at the end of Kangley Bridge Road. By keeping on the path here it gave the opportunity to assess that the children were excellent cyclists and ready for some on road cycling.

We followed Kangley Bridge Road to Lower Sydenham Station and then cut through the little path to the beginning of the LinearPark.

By the time we got to the curly wurly bridge we were all beginning to feel the chill and we were all ready for something to warm us up. The Ladywell Fields Cafe was happily open and Slabs of pineapple and pecan cake were washed down with steaming mugs of milky hot chocolate – Hmmm, yummy!! We settled inside to warm up.

Jane and Eva

Jane and Eva

We did think about trying to push on a little further but the next bit of the route isn’t particularly nice until you get to Brookmill Park which was a bit further than we wanted to go so we decided to turn back and head for home.

I don’t have a cycling computer on my bike at the moment (Father Christmas please note) so I don’t know quite how far we have cycled but I’m guessing it was about 7 miles. A special well done to Eva and Joseph who were great riders and kept the pace going really well even when they were getting cold.

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