Waterlink Way on Sunday – No 3

Waterlink Way Ride Sun 22 Dec 2013

This close to Christmas I wasn’t expecting many to show up for this, 3 people was probably the lower limit of my expectations. But three people makes a ride and we had a very nice ride too. We set off at 10 o’clock under the grey skies which looked pretty threatening, but never actually produced any rain.

Waterlink Way Ride N0 3 Waterlink Way Ride N0 3

We were three experienced cyclists so we decided that rather than stop for coffee at Ladywell we would continue to Greenwich. Just as well we did because when we arrived at Ladywell the little Cafe was closed anyway :-(. After an hour’s cycling we reached Cutty Sark Gardens which was perhaps as deserted as I have ever seen it on a Sunday morning. We had coffee in the Old Brewery, sitting in the lovely warm sunshine in the garden where we were sheltered from a fairly strong and cool breeze. After coffee we returned down the same route.

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