Wednesday Weekly Wander

Raucous laughter filled the Black Horse last night as Linda showed us the Fenton You Tube video.  You know when you just laugh because someone else is laughing – well at the point when most people in the pub were laughing and Linda was now laughing uncontrollably (and if you’ve not seen that then you really need to join us one week) Tracey threatened to have her removed to the car park.  Oh and then Dave arrived with a surprise visit and a bag of goodies but unfortunately missed the step and literally arrived in our laps…. a bit more laughter.

And then the likely lads arrived some time after 10 and more laughter followed when Mark described the getting in and out of his recently acquired Mini and the conversation quickly turned to Morris dancing – but that’s another story.  As was the tale of Tim’s cold knees and Eve’s brisk trip to France earlier in the day.


Taken before the raucous laughter commenced

And yes we had done a bike ride this evening but that had been long forgotten as we caught up with the  events of the week.  Thanks to Man Flu Man who had returned fully recovered this evening to lead the Wander, another 10 miler around the streets of West Wickham, Bromley and Hayes but unfortunately he had to leave us early for his dinner.

This might give you an idea of what we are all about – a lot of laughing, a bit of cycling and a few drinks. We would love to see any newcomers, you don’t have to be a member of anything or have any special cycling skills  (you do need to be able to ride a bike. If you are interested, just be at Bromley South Station forecourt at 7.30pm any Wednesday evening.


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