Wednesday Weekly Wander

Eight of us met at Bromley South for our Wednesday Weekly Wander, ever conscious that winter is only just around the corner. Around the back of Bromley and up towards Jubilee Park, it was dark just ten minutes into the ride.

Rob was our ride leader tonight, our destination The Lion at Farningham, so a nice little ride of around 13 miles with a few hills, but nothing too daunting. Leaving Petts Wood we headed towards Poverest Road, when one of our party asked if we could go and see the big crane on the bridge at Chislehurst. So making a small detour we went to have a look. Then it was down Poverest Road, across to St. Mary Cray and on to Waldens Road.

A nice steady pace tonight, with a few stops to let everyone catch up we soldiered on to Crockenhilll, before dropping down the big hill to the bottom of Sparepenny Lane. Nearly there said Rob, just another ten minutes, then the heavens opened and the remainder of our ride was in torrential rain, absolute stairrods.

By the time we arrived at The Lion we were soaked to the skin. The girls quickly adjorned to the ladies to change into some dryer clothes and dry out as best they could with the hand dryer, although this quickly overheated due to Eve’s hair drying efforts.

Then like a group of drowned rats we moved to the bar and after a drink or two had soon forgotten about it. Then Spencer, Melissa and Stephen, who had been to a Cyclocross event walked in as dry as a bone, having driven to the pub. Even better they didn’t even offer us a lift home!!!

We left the pub at around 10.30am ready for our ride up Crockenhill. Linda (GTGF) Rampling, Tessa, Rob and Howard went in front, Eve was a little way behind and Sticky and Tim were even further back. As we waited on the bridge at the top of the hill and Tim arrived with no Sticky, we knew something was wrong. Unfortunately none of the phones seemed to work in that area so Howard and Tessa cycled back down the hill, only to find that he had had not one, but two punctures. Speedily mended we continued on our journey back to Poverest Road. At this point some went towards Orpington, some up Poverest Road and some through the various alleyways to avoid any more hills back to Petts Wood and Beckenham.

Another great evening, even with the soaking and no Doombar for Stickly. Thank you Rob for organizing the route and leading the ride. Looking forward now to our ride to Brick Lane on Friday for the curry.

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