Wednesday Weekly Wander

There were only three of us at Bromley South at 7.30 this week, no surprise there we thought looking at the weather, it was freezing.  Then within the next five minutes another eight arrived, Stewart’s bike was lit with Christmas lights, as was Stewart and he had brought us all a Santa hat to wear, so a very festive 11 set off for tonights surprise destination, led this week by Spencer.

With no John tonight due to illness and no Linda we set off at a leisurely pace around the back streets of Bromley, through Jubilee Park to Petts Wood.   Quite icy in the park, so we went fairly carefully.  At Petts Wood we met up with Steve Watkin, so now 12 we made our way through Crofton via the alleyway at the back of the estate and on to Farnborough village via another narrow paths.   Steve Hardy was on his ‘Cumerland’ tonight so the winding alleyways were a little challenging.

Our original destination was to be The Royal Oak, but it was too busy so we made our way to the Crown.   This was equally busy, though a little bigger, so we made our way to the bar where a very enjoyable evening followed.

Thank you Spencer for planning and leading tonights ride.


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