Wednesday Weekly Wander

Where have all the men gone.  100% ladies tonight on our ride, who says there is a shortage of lady cyclists, not in Bromley anyway.

A light rain was beginning to fall as we left Bromley South Station for our weekly wander.  Tonight we cut through by the side of the Richmal Compton pub and made our way through the quiet back roads to Hayes.  From here we headed down Barnet Wood Road and Beverley Road up to Farnborough Park.

From here it was across Tugmutton Common and along Lovibonds where we found the little path at the bottom of Highfield Road.  After crossing the main road we made our way along by the river at the back of Crofton where we had a rare treat tonight as a badger scampered across the path.  We stopped to watch for a minute as he scuttled up the path and disappeared into the woods.   We soon emerged in Shepperton Road where we encounted a  rather impatient gritting lorry which without slowing down at all proceeded to grit us all.

We wiggled through the back streets of the Coppice estate before emerging into Parkfield Recreation Ground and after a quick lap we emerged by the Harvester in Southborough Lane.  From here it was just a couple of hundred yards to the pub and into the warm to enjoy a catch up and a drink.   Linda had lots to report tonight, none of which was good.  You’ll have to join us next week to find out more.   We stayed here until around 10.30 by which time the temperature had dropped considerably and we had yet another freezing ride home, accompanied by either a light rain or maybe snow, I’m not quite sure.   Let’s hope it warms up soon.   Next week it will be The Anglesea Arms, Bromley after the ride.

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