WWW – The Oak

There were nine of us tonight as we left Bromley South Station on a not too cold evening, people are beginning to come out of hibernation now that Spring is approaching and it was nice to see some of the old faces.

We headed up around the back streets of Bromley, through Chatterton and Princes Plain, cutting through a little park at the back of Princes Plain and winding our way along the path that leads up to Farnborough Park, thereby avoiding any traffic.

I was leading and there was lots of chatter behind as we wound our way through some quite narrow paths before heading across Tugmutton Common to Lovibonds. From here we headed towards Crofton Lane, along another path to Shepperton Road, before riding through Jubilee Park and our final destination The Oak.

On our arrival at the pub we found Mark who had been waiting for us, so we locked up our bikes and headed inside. We liked this pub a lot, it was very comfortable, the drinks were good and the friendly staff helped to make the evening a good one. They should stand a good chance in our March ‘Pub of the Month’ competition.

We chatted away until closing, exchanging cycling stories and being entertained by listening to some of Mark’s ‘encounters’ over the past year.

After a lovely evening we headed off in our various homeward directions; some of us having to wait for Tony, who had now decided to demonstrate his Morris dancing skills on the pavement outside the pub.

A slight hiccup going through Jubilee Park as Richard and his bike parted company on a slippery muddy path, but no harm done.  See you all next week when we go to The Bridge House, Penge or Monday evening at Bromley Cricket Club if you are attending the BC Monthly Meeting. Eve

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