Wednesday Weekly Wanders

This was going to be a cold one.  I had put so many clothes on that by the time I had cycled to Bromley South I was over heating.   So what has happened to all the men, sitting at home around the fire no doubt.

80% of the riders tonight were ladies as we set off towards Jubilee Park, the temperature -1 already.  I had designed an uphill route for the first half of the ride to get everyone warmed up.  It was very frosty already as we entered the park so we took it fairly slowly until we reached Petts Wood.

Then it was around the back roads and heading along the little path that runs alongside the railway line from Crofton Lane to Orpington Station.   We followed the path until we were at the top of the estate and then wiggled our way through to Crofton Road.  Nicely warmed up now as we went along Lovibonds and across Tugmutton Common.

Through Farnborough Park we found the footpath down to Jackson Road where we headed across the park.  Oh boy it was cold as we hit the open fields.  Alongside the cemetery we made our way through to Magpie Lane and through the back streets to the Bricklayers Arms on Masons Hill.

About 12 miles tonight.  As we sat in the pub discussing the weeks events and rides that we were planning, everyone putting off going out into the cold to cycle home.  Minus 3 as we exited the pub and a very cold ride home.

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