WWW 1 February

Pink gin is obviously not as popular as it once was.


The barmaid looked at me blankly when I asked for a drink my daughter let me try the other day which was fantastically refreshing and I am sure also very low on calories. Half lemonade, half soda water and Angostura Bitters. It is of course the Angostura Bitters which makes pink gin pink!

Angostura Bitters she queried. The landlord confirmed he had none so I settled for a much more calorie intense orange and lemonade.

Finally we had a ride where the girls were outnumbered by the men; a rare event for Bromley Cyclists lately. Seven of us set of from Bromley South and made our first stop outside 1 Westmoreland Road where there is a proposal for a 10 story SHaW academy for 1200 11-19 year olds. We were puzzled as to where the playground might be although looking on Google Maps in the pub we realised that the site was actually larger than at first it appeared. We are most interested in this plan and I am sure we will be considering it in more detail in the future.

We continued to Beckenham Place Park where we cycled in pitch black under a cloud laden sky. As we passed the old mansion we could see lights on the top floor, but there was no other sign of life.

We crossed the A21 at Catford Police Station and then visited the Excalibur Estate, where we found the access roads closed to traffic. Gradually one feels the noose is tightening around this remnant of history. Because of the rain we did explore further but pressed on to Grove Park and then through Chinbrook Meadow. I have mentioned the gates of this park previously. They are very difficult for a cyclist negotiate, and anyone who has a recumbent or a tricycle is all but excluded. A wheelchair user would find it impossible to gain access.

We were given our usual hearty Welcome in the Anglesey Arms and invited to wheel our bicycles through the bar so we could secure them on the Patio.

We sat nattering about the SHaW academy and other stuff and were join by two more male rides bringing the final ratio to a very healthy 6:3.

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