Weather forecast checked, no rain tonight it said, as we arrived at Bromley South for tonight’s Wander.  People were a bit slow arriving and then the PCSO arrived and dutifully marked some of our bikes, so a bit late setting off, which a little later on we came to regret.

John was our leader tonight and as we were discussing the route the UP word was being used far too much for my liking, I’m sure there must be a flat route to Crystal Palace or maybe not.

Round the back of Bromley we went, through Park Langley and then I was completely lost.  We headed for South Norwood Country Park, only to find extensive building works going on just north of the tram station, but the path was still open so we were OK.

By now the light was diminishing and the clouds gathering, rain was on the way.   We were about a quarter of a mile from the tunnel at the back of Penge when the heavens opened.  At this time we were riding along a beautiful tree lined street, big horse chesnut trees but did we stop under those – NO.

Our leader, who I think must have been a duck in a previous life. took us to the most threadbare silver birch tree I have every seen to shelter from what turned out to be a thunderstorm, needless to say we were wet.  We finally moved to a bigger tree at the top of the road, but by then it was a little late.   We stayed there for a good 20 minutes, thunder and lightening crashing around us – maybe a tree wasn’t the best place to be at all I thought.

Now quite cold and wet we abandoned the idea of Westow House at the top of Crystal Palace and headed instead for Graces a short distance away.  A phone call to Tim who was meeting us at the pub to let him know the new location (although we did consider letting him ride up the hill to the pub first before phoning (good training for your next Ride 100 Tim). We arrived at the pub looking like drowned rats, secured our bikes and went inside for a nice warm drink.

Alas, kitchens shut, coffee machines off so we settled for orange and lemonade with ice, this pub may not be the highest scorer in our Pub of the Month competition.

Neverless a good evening was had chatting with friends and a big welcome our newcomer John and our now established member Tracey.  Before we knew it we were heading back home it our different directions looking forward to next week.

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