WWW – Change of Horses

Wednesday 6/2/2013

It was really cold this evening. At Bromley South there were just five of us. Steve Watkin our ride leader had called in in to say he couldn’t make it; Steve H kindly stepped into the breach and led us off towards the Change of Horses at Farnborough.

It is a long climb up from Bromley to Keston which at a steady pace kept us warm. At Keston we entered the millionaires row of the South East: Farnborough Park, Steve led us faultlessly and we soon found ourselves at the pub. The car park was full to bursting, we locked the bikes up outside and made our way into the warmth. The bars were full with customers watching the England v brazil football game on the telly. We eased ourselves into the seats beneath the tv and nattered. We were joined by Steve Watkin, who had been preparing his motor-cycle for a camping trip to North Wales and Mel still recovering from her foot injury.

I didn’t linger long in the pub and soon set off for home; downhill all the way but into a ferocious cold headwind. I had to pedal all the way.


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