WWW Pelton Arms

When I reached Bromley South there were just a couple of riders waiting; Eve, this evenings leader, explained that just before I had arrived she had been approached by a rather well-spoken gentleman who had said he was off to get changed and would be back in 10 minutes to join us. We waited and were joined by other riders but not the well-spoken gent and eventually at about quarter to eight we decided that he must have had a change of mind and so we set off without him. More of this a little later.

We had not gone far when one rider had to withdraw with an injury so we were down to seven. Anyway seven is goodly crew and Eve led off confidently taking us along Plaistow Lane and then through Chinbrook Meadow to Marvels Lane.

At Blackheath we avoided the town centre and took the a quiet bike path past St Ursula’s and up a steep hill which brought us out on the heath. We then cycled into Greenwich Park and up to the observatory where we were able to gaze across our fabulous city, it was dusk now.

The traffic free hill in the park down to the Greenwich one way system gave us all a chance to free-wheel at high speed. Entering the system at the south eastern corner we actually had to cycle all the way round in the traffic, not pleasant. The Old Naval College grounds were still open so we were able to by-pass the Lower Road and make our way past the riverside Trafalgar pub and then the Cutty Sark, both were doing a good trade, with their customers drinking al fresco. A short ride along the cobbles then brought us to the Pelton Arms. We waited patiently whilst staff got the side gate open to let our bikes into the garden area, and as we waited who pops up but Jonathan, who turns out to be the rather well spoken….

Jonathan had only known that the destination was Greenwich and on arriving at Bromley South had found us departed so had made his way alone to try and find us. He checked the Trafalgar and the Cutty Sark where customers told him a group of cyclists had just passed and so he found us! Brilliant, well done Jonathan.

The Pelton was packed to the rafters. They had a duet or group playing in the main bar which was very popular. In fairness staff were right on top of it and we were served very efficiently. They would have scored very highly if they had been able to serve coffee too – but this proved to be a beverage too far.

We settled in the garden and spent a pleasant evening enjoying each other’s company.

John sort of led the ride home although on the Waterlink Way we are all so familiar with the route I think everyone of us could have cycled home blind-folded.

A lovely evening of cycling. Don’t miss next week when we visit the Olde White Lion ant Locks Bottom

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