WWW – Sydney Arms.

As Linda waited lonely at Bromley South thinking she had either 1, missed the start of the ride or 2 was the only one turning up her question was answered! She was only there a few minutes before a few of the regular WWW turned up in the shape of Paul, Stephen, Howard and Mel. Word followed that Nev would met us on route, Eve is on holiday, Sticky was on parenting duties and Spencer, Steve and John at the LCC AGM. We soon realised that this would probably be the total turn out and set off.

With Paul as our leader, combined with Linda at the front there were concerns that the ride was bound to be at the brisker end of the usual WWW pace! The early part of the ride took us out through to Hayes and Pickhurst Lane where we waited for Nev to join us.

It was here Linda had a moment a bit of a “moment” asking if anyone could smell anything?  We all replied we could and it wasn’t that pleasant.  Upon investigation Linda had ridden through something rather unpleasant and it was wedged between her brake and wheel.  Nev arrived at this point so we couldn’t blame him,  we cleaned Linda up and set off down Barnet Wood road, through Tugmutton Common and through the back roads past Orpington Station and up to Avalon Road, Chelsfield Lane round to Walden Road and up to Blacksmiths lane we then headed out along Sandy Lane to Ruxley where we filtered down to Footscray and then had a short climb up Sidcup hill toward Queen Marys and ultimately the goal of a nice cold pint.

We arrived at the pub nicely glowing which was welcomed on a cold evening having covered 14 miles from Bromley South at an average speed of 12mph with minimal stops.  The ride covered a number of back roads as well as busier junctions such as the roundabout over the A20 by Queen Mary’s hospital where the ride leader gave us the option to go under on the footpath or tackle the roundabout head on, with us all being brave we went head on without incident and it just shows that most junctions can be tackled by being confident.

We were later joined in the pub by Sticky and his son (your still up for the parent of the year award) as he had heard Linda had her brownies out, which I may add were very tasty! They were followed in by Spencer and Steve full of the joys of the AGM, which ended up in a great debate about road users and taking personal responsibility for one’s self.

So all in all a good ride on a fresh evening, and thanks to Linda for getting up at 5.30am to make us her brownies they were delicious.

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