WWW The Anglesea

We met at Bromley South at the usual time, a few of the regulars were missing tonight, no doubt enjoying a glass of something and a BBQ instead of their usual weekly exercise.  I think today was flying ant day as we were bombarded with them as we waited for everyone to gather.

Nice to see Dan again after a couple of years and newbie Tracey.  Linda was in charge tonight as we headed off in the direction of Beckenham Place Park.  A lovely evening, everyone in good spirits as we made our way through Beckenham and not quite sure when after that.  A good ride though and suddenly we were back in Bromley and heading for the Anglesea.  I for one was looking forward to a pizza, having missed dinner tonight.

Now under new management and food not yet sorted out so no pizza for me and a cheap evening too as no cards accepted, so had to rely on the kindness of others for my liquid refreshment tonight.

Nevertheless we had a good evening sitting in the beer garden at the back with plenty of space for the bikes too.  This pub scored well in our ‘Pub of the Month’ competition despite the lack of food and payment facilities.

Hope to see a few more of you next week for the Goldsmiths Arms, Penge.

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