WWW – The Crown

We met as usual at Bromley South on this lovely sunny evening, although by the time we set off there was a definite chill in the air and jackets were on.

We had decided to be a bit lazy tonight, our destination being Chislehurst and a more or less direct ride there too.

Tonight we had Stephen, Paul, Eve, Mel, Howard, Linda and Tim as we set off at a fairly brisk pace through the back streets of Bromley and up to Jubilee Park.  From here it was over the bridge and down to Birchwood Road, before heading up to Poverest Road and along the Chislehurst Road to the Crown.   Here we settled ourselves into a nice comfortable corner of the pub for the rest of the evening.   Shortly afterwards we were joined by James, who I think had been on a little ride of his own before joining us.

www 1

During the evening James was telling us about his band and how they would be playing in Croydon on Thursday night, so I think quite a few of us will be heading off there.

Mel seemed a bit quieter than usual, but we put that down to her sporting a new hairdo and we reckoned she had plaited her hair a little too tightly.  Sorry Mel, but here’s the photo.


A nice evening and only a short ride home afterwards, hope to see a few more of you next week when we will be visiting Shortlands Tavern Bromley, so it will be another shortish ride home for most of us.

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