WWW The George, Beckenham

On such a beautiful evening I was expecting a larger crowd, but only seven set off tonight from Bromley South, tonights leader Eve.   I secretely am not at all sure that the excuses of meetings, sickness and the like were necesssarily true, but rather suspect sitting in the garden with a beer and BBQ might be nearer the truth.

However, not being quite so familar with the Beckenham routes (always left that to JW) we set off around the back streets of Bromley in completely the opposite direction to the pub.  As it was such a lovely evening I felt we needed to find a little countryside and a few lanes before it got dark.

I think the word wander tonight was taken a little too literally with far too much chatting coming from the back of the ride as we made our way rather leisurely in the direction of Princes Plain.  From here it was up Oakley Road, having first crossed this dangerous junction on foot and on to Barnet Wood Road.   It was still light and the roads fairly quite and it felt like summer had arrived early.

Then on to Hayes before picking up Bourne Vale and our quiet cut through back to Westmoreland Road.  Linda was going to do the second half of the ride but due to the leisurelyness of the ride we headed along Queen Anne Avenue (saying goodbye to Andrew, who lives there and had an early start on Thursday morning) and then straight up the hill and on to the pub.

We then saw Steve W who we persuaded to come in for a drink. We managed to collate the scores for the ‘Pub of the Month’ competiton on a beer mat and with a borrowed pen, with the rest of the evening taken up with the usual chatter.

Around 10.30 we decided to make our way home with most tonight heading in the direction of Bromley.  A pleasant evening and lets hope next week we will be joined by a few more of the old regulars and maybe some of the younger ones too.

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