WWW – The Goldsmiths Arms

The Goldsmiths Arms in Penge is a new pub for us, recommended by Tessa and we were hoping she might be available to join or even lead our ride. Unfortunately Tess has recently taken employment outside the borough and so was not available which is a shame.

Both Eve and Spencer were on the out of action list this evening so in these circumstances it was necessary that John step up to lead the ride. There were 9 riders, some regulars and some occasional sojourners.

Soon after 7:30 we crossed over the road from Bromley South and set off up the hill towards Ravensbourne Road. We then followed the proposed route that we are going to use for the FreeCycle on 1st August, so this was a useful rehearsal for the marshals. At Beckenham Place Park the first spots of rain could be felt but in the end this came to nothing.

After weaving our way through Bellingham we joined the Waterlink Way behind the Saver Centre and made our way past the new development at Catford Green to Brockley. Here we paused for a quick breather and to look at the mural which I had seen being painted the previous week. I stopped and chatted to the artist who told me she was doing the painting for nothing to see if she could drum up some further business. Anyway I think they are nice murals and I hope you do too.

From Brockley we turned southwards and passing through Forest Hill and then Sydenham reached Penge where we were joined by a group of scruffy lads on their BMX bikes. They tagged along with us as far as the pub so as there were 5 of them and they rode with us I am going to include them in my ride stats, cos we were 14 for a short time.

On arrival at the pub we were able to make our way down a rather tight side alley into the beer garden which was a bit scruffy but it is where most of the customers were enjoying the summer evening and it had a friendly feel to it.

We rearranged the tables so we were able to sit together and enjoy each other’s company and discuss whether The Goldsmiths Arms might be the Pub of Month. We decided we quite liked it and although we didn’t do a formal scoring we thought the staff were friendly the range beers interesting. It was generally clean and really rather pleasant.

We didn’t stay late this evening but soon after 10 began to feel the chill and so headed for our homes.

Thank you Goldsmiths we shall return

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