WWW – The Greyhound

10 of us met on a chilly evening at Bromley South and we were kept waiting by Linda as usual. With Mel as ride leader (and some assistance from Steve W) we set off and were soon greeted by a slight hill up Westmoreland road and Durham Avenue to warm us up! We travelled towards Langley Park via Brabourne rise and St Dunstans Lane.  After we cut through the paths around Langley park schools we were joined by Lindsey and Vicky. A warm welcome to Vicky as it was her first ride with us and we hope to see her out again soon!

Passing by the Royal Bethlem Hospital we travelled towards Addington and through Spring Park Wood. Mel assured us we were not using Fox Hill but she had managed to find an even steeper hill and we certainly had burning thighs when we reached the top of Hartfield Crescent. After cycling along Croydon Road and Baston Manor Road the Greyhound was finally in sight. Thankfully this week the pub was stocked with an array of bitters, bar snacks and friendly bar maids. I was very impressed with the mini tubes of Pringles on offer. Stephen met us at the pub and we chatted until last orders. As we left the pub we noticed the temperature had certainly dropped so it was a brisk ride home in effort to keep warm.

Thanks Mel for organising the ride and for Steve W for helping out.   

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