WWW – The Shortlands Tavern again

31 July 2013

We went from Bromley South to the Shortlands Tavern via the South Norwood Country Park on our wander this evening.

Bromley South

Bromley South

Fifteen of us gathered on the forecourt of the Station. The women were very well represented, which is always a joy. In cycling circles it is always felt that there aren’t enough women on bikes. I am confident that this is not an observation which could be justifiably made about Bromley Cyclists.

At 7.30 Spencer called the ride to order and introduced John as the ride leader. Without further ado john led the ride off to be immediately called back; Linda had a puncture. This was repaired very quickly and we were soon off again. It seemed getting away from Bromley South was a mission in itself last night; it took three changes of lights to get us into Westmorland Road and no sooner had we manged that we confronted by further red traffic lights at the junction of Sandford Road. It seemed we would never get going properly.

Finally, however, we did get going and were soon heading along the quite back streets to Beckenham and then to Cator Park where we turned towards South Norwood. We cycled through crossing the tram line. Some of us had to wait whilst a tram passed. We then headed up around the Bethlem Hospital and through Langley School and so to the Shortlands Tavern.

The Wednesday quiz night was in full swing on arrival and we were too late to join in which in most ways was rather fortunate as I’m the only one who’s any good at the questionsJ. Our friendly licencee who I had failed to forewarn of our visit was completely unfazed as we all tried to pile into his back-yard with our bikes. Since our last visit there has been some building work and where there was loads of room for bikes before space is much more crowded. But a garage was opened up for our use so that was very much appreciated.

Time to head home

Time to head home

We were a bit too noisy in the bar whilst the quiz was in progress so we retired to garden and spent a very sociable hour and a half chatting until going home time. Unfortunately I let myself down rather badly by going home via the kebab shop – I am suffering for my indiscretion today I promise you.

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