WWW – The Shortlands Tavern

Wed 8 May 2013

There were 9 riders gathered at Bromley South for this evenings wander.  Unfortunately due to work commitments I was not amongst this number so I have relied on notes from the riders to compile my report. The weather was fine and breezy and everyone was keen to get going so Eve led off and took the ride up to Beckenham Place Park where a circuit was done to take in the rolling landscape in this most attractive of London Locations, it is sometimes hard to realise you are so close to urban humdrum as you gaze across the valley occupied by London’s most popular public Golf Course. The green-keepers work was very much in evidence after the long cold spring.

From here the ride went down to Beckenham and out towards Elmers End. At the Beckenham Beacon Health Centre in Croydon Road, Linda spotted one of her many friends. The ride pulled over whilst Linda stopped to have a chat, however this turned into a full blown conversation and reluctantly the ride moved on leaving Linda deep in conversation. Another enforced stop occurred when Eve had to adjust her attire which was coming close to being indecent exposure.

On the final downhill run in down Bromley Road James beat his own speed record. James had valiantly stepped to represent Emma who was feeling a little unwell – Aah! The sacrifices a loyal husband has to make James???

Happy Cyclists

Happy Cyclists

On arrival at the Shortlands Tavern we were treated to a royal welcome from Sean and Kate, who kindly opened the back gate so we could safely secure our bikes. The staff at the pub are all cyclists too so the yard ward rammed with bikes of all descriptions; a very fine sight indeed. Linda had managed to disentangle herself from her ‘chat’ and rejoined us.

The riders joined me in the bar where the quiz night was already under way and I was not doing very well so I was definitely glad of some support. The competition was fierce and eventually the spoils were taken by a very competitive table 1. We came a creditable last. Hmm!

WWW – The Shortlands Tavern


We were eventually asked to leave at 11.30 so we really had outstayed our welcome, Eve and Mel were heading back to Petts Wood for cheese and biscuits and I tremble to think what time their evening finished. Me? I went home for a very late dinner.

I cannot finish this report without making further mention of our hosts for the evening and the lovely surroundings of the Shortlands Tavern. This quirky hidden gem nestling in the valley between Bromley and Beckenham is a real delight and a true credit to Sean and Kate who are working very hard to make this a really successful venue – and succeeding.

We shall return.

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