WWW – The White Bear

Wed 19 May 2015

Tonight’s ride was one of our longer ones and slightly off the beaten track as far as our wanders are concerned, although we are frequent visitors to Fickleshole on our week-end rides.

Eight of us set off from Bromley South shortly after 7:30 pm. We decided that we would just head straight to the pub which is over 8 miles anyway and mostly up hill. It was a fine sunny evening but really quite cold even in the sunshine. At Skid Hill Lane we took the Sustrans route rather than Blackman’s Lane. It is very overgrown.

On arrival at the pub we found the car park full, but there was plenty of space for our bikes on the thoughtfully sited Sheffield stands which are positioned prominently where everyone can see them and where it will not provide a nice convenient space for a thief to go about his business. So top marks to the management for this pro-cycling facility.

Inside the pub there was an extensive range of beers on offer so we placed our orders, found a table and got down to the serious business of the evening – talking about cycling, as usual the Naked Bike Ride was high on our list of subjects for discussion. We also discussed some of the less salacious rides on offer during the summer.

We took the opportunity to discuss whether the White Bear might be the Bromley Cyclists’ pub of the month for May, it scored well and should do well when we come to make our decision at our monthly meeting in June.

Later in the evening we were joined by our lothario Mark, who regaled us with tales of his recent amorous escapades. Very entertaining!

We departed after 11 into the cold night air. Its downhill all the way back so most of us got quite chilly on the way home. We split up at the bottom of Nash Lane. Called goodnight and headed for our beds.

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