WWW – The White Bear, Fickleshole

Winter was definitely approaching and the nights drawing in as we gathered for our Wednesday Wander last night.   Getting dark much earlier now we decided not to make our normal journey up to Keston and Nash Lane.  Instead, John, our ride leader tonight took us up to Hayes from where we followed the cycle track alongside the mad mile at Addington before turning left somewhere.  From here we made our way through a rather large estate.  Needless to say we got a little lost but it was a new route we wanted to try out and we eventually found ourselves arriving at Skids Hill Road from a different direction from normal with a little help from our newbie Rob who knew the area quite well.

A good ride though and it is always good to find different routes.   We were seven tonight, maybe the location put a few regulars off, I don’t know, but this is definitely a ride for the summer.

We got to the pub around 9pm and it was absolutely heaving with people, mainly there for the food I think.  Before long we were joined by the likely lads Mark and Tony, who always arrive without so much as a bead of sweat, still not convinced they cyced there.

A good evening followed and before we knew it the bell was ringing and we were drinking up.

A super ride home, downhill all the way to the bottom of Nash Lane where we split into two groups for the remainder of the ride.  Then for some of us it was up Fox Lane and yes we did get off and walk the last bit.  Hope to see a few more of you next week where our destination is The Crown, Lee.

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