WWW – The Woodman

A bright if not somewhat chily evening as we set off from Bromley South, just six of us this evening.  We had received lots of messages from our regulars as to why they couldn’t join us tonight.  Around the back of Bromley we rode until we emerged opposite the Hook Farm Lane entrance to Norman Park.   Now that the evenings are lighter we can include some of the parks in our rides again.  We know a nice little cut through here which avoids the busy Hayes Lane but still brings us out at George Lane, Hayes.

From here it was up to Keston, where we said goodbye to Andrew whose leg hurt and then along to Downe, enjoying the lovely countryside while it was still light.  Quite a lot of uphill this week, but we didn’t rush, or at least most of us didn’t.  We stopped a while in Downe to take on some water and just enjoy the evening.  Looking forward now to the big downhill at High Elms, it was really quite chilly  as the sun had now disappeared.

Then it was up the short sharp Church HIll to the pub.  Just got in the first round and Tony appeared and before long we were joined by Mark.   Always an entertaining evening once Mark arrives and this time didn’t disappoint as he entertained us with his latest escapades.

The pub was very quiet, but it has done well with the scoring in the Pub of the Month competition and is currently in the lead, although there are more pubs still to go this month.

We emerged from the pub around 10.45, some wishing they had donned more layers as they rode home in the biting wind.  A fun evening, see you all next week when we visit The Queens Head.

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